Our Collaborative Community Vision:

ccclogoThe Colorado Connect Core or (“CCC”) is an innovative group of business professionals, and non-profit leaders who desire to create an interconnected, innovation-driven, and results-oriented community.  The grassroots vision of CCC is to effectively integrate, and facilitate coordinated care services, educational programs, and economic development opportunity to its citizens, emerging and developing businesses, non-profits, and local aid and charitable agencies.   Through a unique shared program delivery model, creating a dynamic “Social Entrepreneurship-focused” environment where service providers can work more effectively together, we seek to engage and strengthen Colorado small business eco-systems by creating new innovative ways to develop, grow, nurture, and sustain local small businesses and non-profits. 

We are attempting to "identify, integrate, and inform" our citizens about how to "locally leverage" the often separate worlds of non-profit support services, business philanthropy and community support, life skills training and education, the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation and the delivery of government benefit services through more effective community dialogues, collaborative projects, and communication services and shared facilities among providing partners.

 “CORE” Vision:  Community  Online  Resource  Exchanges

  • To connect our Community in innovative ways to create sustainable economic, social, and personal collaboration frameworks between both for-profit and non-profit companies and institutions.
  • To create Opportunity for individuals and for-profit business entities to partner with the nonprofit sector to improve the overall well-being of the citizens of Colorado Springs and it’s surrounding communities, and to better promote the growing importance of Social Enterprises and Socially-oriented community opportunities.
  • To effectively utilize the many Resources available to enhance the quality of life for all residents living throughout Colorado Springs and El Paso County.  This is achieved through better stewardship and management of existing support services, the introduction of creative solutions that transcend stalled or ineffective organizations, and the will to innovate around policy roadblocks that have hampered fulfillment.
  • To allow for the free and unfiltered Exchange of ideas between a wide variety of constituent groups and organizations in our community without organizational filtering, media bias or political affiliation to enable direct access to dynamic people, their ideas, and organizational movements and activities that are changing the status quo.

Connecting Communities and Causes is our Primary Goal:

We seek to promote a deeper understanding of our shared challenges and create more effective ways in solving them together.   How do we accomplish this…?  Through improved citizen communications, directed collaboration, and the implementation and execution of our “Innovative Infrastructures Initiative”. 

Community and Service Provider Portals:

One of the innovative features of the ConnectCore platform is will be the roll-out of the Community and Service Provider Portal which is a cross between a localized Yellow-Paper Business Directory and Advanced Access Landing Page that will inform Colorado citizens to innovative services and providers in the Colorado region that they will be able to link to.  This will cover a number of areas of interest including Healthcare, Veteran Services, Economic Data, Entrepreneurial and Innovation resources for a start.  More will be added over time.

Innovative Infrastructures Initiative:

By utilizing the power of interconnected relationships we can achieve a number of community building objectives by creating innovative program provisioning spaces and facilities that allow a wider variety of people, small businesses, and non-profit agencies to be able to access, share and leverage these unique facilities for the delivery of program services.  With this model, it’s possible for these constituent groups to come in contact with each other in a more fluid and natural way.  

Current Site Status and Future Enhancements:
If you have any questions or comments about the site, and suggestions for future enhancements or capabilities please use the Contact US form on the site and send us your ideas.
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