Welcome to COSHealth Innovation Group !

We are a local group of 60+ strong Healthcare Professionals, Economic Development Organizations, and Business Development and Support Service Providers that have been meeting and exploring innovations in Healthcare IT and Healthcare Workforce Development for over 5 years.   Our group started out initiatlly as the Healthcare Sector Team working with Economic Development and Chamber organizations in Colorado Springs to fully explore the Healthcare Industry, develop an interconnected network of key service providers and care organizations, assist in the Workforce Development of the local healthcare market and to help drive innovation and opportunity for new emerging Health and Wellness organizations.

Our Mission:

The mission of COSHealth Innovation Group is to collaborate with as well as convene and assist health-related businesses in the greater Colorado Springs region to support the health and wellness business environment, and help to develop collective efforts to improve the health of our community.

We support, facilitate, educate and promote the healthcare business sector in the greater Colorado Springs region.

We currently are pursuing three initiatives:

  • Improving our health care work force
  • Providing a community-sourced inventory of the health-related assets and resources in our region
  • Establishing excellence in secure health care information sharing

We welcome any business interested in supporting our mission and initiatives to join our partnership.  There is no cost to membership.   Our initiatives are funded by our members, donations and grants.  Our operations are supported by volunteers.

Active Research and Collaboration:

We have been actively researching and developing a base line of understanding of the Healthcare market needs and challenges in our local area, (Colorado Springs and El Paso County), but have also expanded our focus to include other parts of Colorado to work to create partnerships and alliances with other Healthcare IT and Innovation organizations and entities that are expanding healthcare opportunities for both service providers, care organizations, and IT technologists and emerging companies.

Initial Research 2011:

During a series of Collective Impact Seminars and Workshops the Healthcare Sector Team at the time identified a number of key areas of Healthcare IT that were of concern to it's members and the community.  Below are a series of summary infographics that helped to define the needs of the local Healthcare marketplace:


Projects Developed:

Over the course of the last 5 years the COSHealth Innovation Group members have worked on a number of projects focusing on our core initiatives, which have resulted in active research and development on a number of information and database assets for creating a healthcare asset mapping program, the development of education and training videos to help encourage workforce development in Healthcare, the exploration of the intersection of Heatlh IT and Cyber Security to create a center of excellence, and the development of online community resources and sharing solutions.  Below is an illustration example:


More detailed explainations, and links and resources will be provided on this ConnectCore Landing Page as well as on the main website for COSHealth at