CSRBALogoHZsmThe Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance Health Care Sector Team held a collective impact event in February 2015 to discuss Health Care Work Force improvements needed to improve the health care sector of our regional economy. The team designated to follow up on notes from the event proposed a Health Care Work Force Program that would address many of the ideas and community needs called out at this collective impact event. The following items were identified as opportunities to grow our economy by sharing information between health care employers (providers, payers, insurers, digital health, health IT, etc.) in our region through this program.

• Round table to formulate a plan to attract more behavioral/psych talent (video?)
• Provide info to HC employers about funds and programs available to train their work force; support them in what they want to do
• How to hire the military
• How to engage interns
• How to provide externships (dental assistants, medical assistants, NP)
• Growing and keeping talent (round table – video)
• Volunteer-to-employee programs
• Health week event(s) on health care worker safety (for HR and employees-trainees); award for achievement in safety
• Update on laws and regulations and how they affect the work force

Improve the Healthcare Workforce in Colorado Springs via the delivery of a series of web– based educational sessions.

A Collaborative Effort:
Just like a canoe with multiple "rowers", our webinar series is designed to be a "Collaborative" Effort" of Healthcare Professionals coming together to share the knowledge and experience about our workforce needs in Colorado Springs.

As a result of high engagement with the webinar series, participants will change their practices to improve workforce, and other items indicated in the results from the Collective Impact Event from February of 2015.

Eight Seminar Series events – one or two per month from May through September 2016 focusing on the following subjects:

1. Behavioral/psych talent qualification, recruitment and retention
2. Training funds and programs: what is available and what is needed
3. Enhancing the workforce
    - Hiring the military
    - Engaging interns
    - Providing externships
    - Volunteer-to-employee programs
4. Health care work force retention
5. Health care worker safety
    - Issues
    - Remedies
    - Kick off for annual award for achievement in safety
6. Healthcare IT
7. Update on laws and regulations and how they affect the work force

Seminars are presented on-line only, one live event with question and answer with all webinars archived and available on-demand, and are organized so that they collaborate and support each content area as it pertains to the overall Workforce Enablement concept:
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